A list of Intertel productions

TitleContributorUS air dateSubjectNotes
Two Faces of JapanRED1961-04-02Japan
Quiet War, TheRED1961-06-04South Vietnam
Heartbeat of France, TheRED1961-07-16France
Dawn Over the MountainsNET1961-09-25Education in JapanProduced by NHK
Postscript to EmpireNET1961-11-20The modern UK
Don't Label MeCBC1962-01-06British Guiana
Forty Million ShoesCBC1962-03-19Brazil
Living with a GiantRED1962-05-14Canada
America AbroadRED1962-08-06American aid
Unfinished Revolution, TheNET1962-10-01Mexico
Tahiti–Pacific CocktailABC1963-01-21Tourism in Tahiti
Turkish Question, TheNET1963-04-08Turkey
Twelve Flags SouthABC1963-07-22Antarctica
Ten Million StrongABC1963-12-16Malaysia
King's Revolution, ARED1964-04-06Social change in Iran
Algeria: What Price Freedom?CBC1964-05-04Algeria after independence
Room Down UnderNET1964-06-15Australia
New Italian, TheNET1964-07-06Italy
Africa: The Hidden FrontiersRED1964-08-24Kenya
Crisis in CanadaNET1964-10-18French vs English
Stronger Since the WarABC1964-11-18Japan
America: The Dollar PoorRED1964-12-23Poverty in the USA
America: the Edge of AbundanceRED1965-01-20Automation leading to increased leisure time
Three MenCBC1965-02-17United Nations
Every 10th Man: A Study of HomosexualityCBC1965-04-12Homosexuality
South America: Votes or ViolenceRED1965-04-21Democracy
To Live Till You DieNET1965-05-19Aging in Sweden and Italy
This Question of ColourNET1965-06-16Immigration in the UK
Children of RevolutionRED1965-07-21Youth in Czechoslovakia
Cathode Colours Them Human, TheCBC1965-08-18Use and abuse of television
House on the Beach, TheRED1965-10-20Rehab
Union Man, TheABC1965-11-17Unionism is Australia, England and the US
Men for OthersCBC1965-12-15Religious thinking on social probelms
Men in BlackRED1966-03-23Irish Catholic priests
Difference Between Us, TheNET1966-04-20US/UK schools
Homosexuality in Men and WomenRED1966-05-19Homosexuality
Someone Must Govern UsNET1966-06-22US/UK political systems
Culture Explosion, TheCBC1966-07-20Music
One in Every HundredRED1966-08-24Special educational needs children
Lion and the Eagle, TheRED1966-12-05Alistair Cook on UK/US relations
After the MiracleABC1967-02-20Israel
Sense of CaptivityCBC1967-03-13Prisons
Mounting Millions, TheNET1967-04-10IndiaIn color
Banquet of Life, TheCBC1967-06-18Food supply around the worldCBC air date
Germany and Its ShadowNET1967-04-24Nazis in modern Germany
ThailandNET1967-07-24ThailandProduced by the NDR
Spring in EthiopiaRED1967-09-04Ethiopia
Report from CubaNET1967-10-30CubaProduced by KQED
Russia: The Unfinished RevolutionNET1967-11-06USSRProduced by WGBH
Way it is, TheNET1967-12-04Ghetto schools
April is the End of SummerABC1967-12-18Thailand
Inside the Foreign OfficeRED1968-01-29The UK's Foreign Office
Other Side of Paradise, TheABC1968-03-25Fiji
Volunteers, TheRED1968-06-24VSO in Malawi
AudubonCBC1968-12-23John James Audubon
American Samoa - Paradise Lost?NET1969-02-03American SamoaIn color
Sixth Paul, TheRED1969-02-10Pope Paul VI
Matter of Time, ACBC1969-08-04Cancer treatmentProduced in 1967
Farewell to ArabiaNETDid not airModern technology in a simple societyWas due to go out 1967-09-18
Cuba, Si!CBCDid not airCubaProduced in 1961

Note: table is not guaranteed to be comprehensive.

Data from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting, and IMDb.


  • ABC – Australian Broadcasting Commission
  • CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • KQED – NET member for San Francisco, California
  • NET – National Educational Television or Westinghouse Broadcasting Co/Group W
  • NDRNorddeutscher Rundfunk, North German Broadcasting
  • NHKNippon Hōsō Kyōkai, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation
  • RED – Associated-Rediffusion or Rediffusion London
  • WGBH – NET member for Boston, Massachusetts



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