Fusion: the heartbeat of France


Associated-Rediffusion’s house magazine, Fusion, on ‘The Heartbeat of France’

‘The Heartbeat of France’ is the title of our first contribution to the Intertel feature programmes. It will be screened on Wednesday, May 3. These pictures by ROGER CORAL show something of the story the programme will tell.

Cover of Fusion, issue 16
From 'Fusion', the house magazine of Associated-Rediffusion, issue 16 from December 1960
Madame Marguerite Fortin, the wife of a farmer, whose family is featured.
Nuns collect their food from Les Halles - 'the belly of France' - at dawn.
Young people in France are preoccupied with jazz and the cinema - or each other.
Three miles from the Arc de Triomphe is a shanty town, Bidonville, which is home for 500 Algerian families who have come to work in France.
By 1965 France will have more young people than old for the first time in 100 years.
Two porters at Les Halles take a dawn drink.
Behind the scenes at Christian Dior - for the first time cameras record the mad activity behind the showing of the 1961 collection.

Roger Coral




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